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Wake up your heart.  Embark on a 

wild. happy. heart adventure 

and create a vibrant life.


Hey there!

So happy to see you here! Welcome to my little online cosy home.

I’m Marisa.


yoga teacher. wellness coach. writer. freedom seeker. good vibes lover.



I guide women to create a deep and intuitive connection with themselves, to find freedom in their bodies and expand their heart wide open to live a wild-hearted life feeling radiant, alive and unique.

I believe in soulful conversations and radical kindness, in living life fully, living a life that you love.

I love what I do and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I am passionate about guiding women to explore their wild dreams, to connect with their hearts and bodies and chase butterflies, while embracing a healthy lifestyle. Health is the fuel to make it all happen. I want you to experience the joy of living a healthy lifestyle – from eating well to exercising regularly, living in the now, bringing mindfulness to your every day life. Living a life aligned with your heart will bring you energy and good vibes. I stepped on a yoga mat for the first time in Bali in the middle of rice fields and since then it’s been a yogi kind of love. I came back to the island a few years later to do my yoga teacher training. Yoga transformed my life and taught me about presence, acceptance and love. It brought me freedom. Yoga has a way to bring a deeper connection to our bodies and ourselves and that’s what I share through my yoga classes, workshops and mentoring practice.

Off the mat, you can find her writing, hiking, soaking up the sunshine while drinking ginger juices, breathing the wild air on the slopes or wandering the world.

Professional bio

Marisa Ribordy is a yoga teacher, writer and wellness coach. She runs workshops mixing yoga, meditation and journaling. Her intention with her work is to support and guide people to create a deep and intuitive connection with themselves, to find freedom in their bodies and expand their heart wide open to live a wild-hearted life, feeling free, connected and alive. Marisa believes in living a life aligned with our hearts and finding the magic in everyday moments. Through her blog, live workshops, yoga classes and one-on-one mentoring, Marisa hopes to inspire and encourage people to live a life according to their own values and desires, stepping outside the autopilot mode, to listen to their emotions and inner guidance, to create a heart-centered way of living that includes lots of creativity, adventures, self-care and soulful connections.


Marisa Ribordy is a freedom seeker, yoga lover and good vibes enthusiast. She believes in living a life aligned with our hearts and finding the magic in everyday moments. She loves nothing more than having soulful conversations, big warm hugs and writing about the highs and lows of life. She’s passionate about creating space for people to be themselves, to connect to their bodies and expand their heart wide open so they can live a wild-hearted life, feeling free, connected and alive. For her, yoga is the magic element that creates a deep connection with ourselves which opens the way to live more intuitively with heart and soul. Her dream travels look something like a road trip around British Columbia, Canada, with all kinds of adventures that include mountains and ocean, preferably chasing autumn colors, sleeping in cabins and treehouses. She’s a natural at creating a gezellig/hygge vibe- all things cozy- must come from her dutch origins- which for her is adding a bit of magic to all kinds of places and moments. She has a thing for grey clouds and lighthouses. Off the mat, you can find her writing, hiking, breathing the wild air on her snowboard or exploring the world. She feels most free and alive when she’s out exploring the outdoors, simply feeling the wind on her face, laughing or chasing her dreams.


Wild. It’s about going back to your true nature, embracing your uniqueness, owning your sparkle. It’s the freedom. It’s stepping out of your comfort zone. Living life as one big adventure. Enjoying every part of the journey. Exploring the world. Discovering the magic that lies within you. It’s connecting to the wilderness, grounding your feet to the earth, breathing the air as it is the most precious gift you’ve ever been given, appreciating the richness and beauty of this world.

 Happy. Pure bliss. The joy and excitement that comes from living the life you were meant to, feeling the butterflies and peace that come from within. The smile on your face, the belly laughs with your girl friends, enjoying the little things that make life sweet. Living a life based on gratitude and fun. Being high on life and good vibes. 

 Heart.It’s your heart beating fast, excited for this new day, its feeling alive, that moment you take the courage to be who you are. It’s LOVE. Our deepest love – the one we have for our unique loving self. It’s the love we share with kindred souls. It’s acts of kindness. It’s Love that will transform the relationship you have with yourself and others. I believe transformation to a vibrant life starts with sending a massive heartfelt hug to yourself. It starts with honouring your life, and your body.




My story

Even though my first steps were on a caribbean beach, where I climbed palm trees for fun, I grew up in Switzerland, with an international vibe always in me- that certainly comes from my dutch grandpa, the sailor man and my traveller’s parents. I was lucky to wander the world. Lived 6 months in Sydney, my happy place on earth. I worked with non-profit organizations and had desk jobs. Along the way, I found myself uninspired and felt stuck. This wasn’t the life I imagined in my dreams. I always felt there was something bigger in life than what I was living. A life with “butterflies in your belly” kinda type. I needed movement and fresh air. I needed excitement. But most of all I needed connection and passion. My life started to change when I flew to Bali in 2011, on a solo trip. As I was watching the sunset on a wild beach, I realized I wanted to fall in love with my life and live an authentic life, aligned with my heart. A little voice kept whispering to my ears to step on a yoga mat while exploring the island. I fell in love instantly. Feeling like I was floating on a cloud while laying in savasana. Yoga changed my life. It lead me to this vibrant healthy life. It helped me to connect with my body and soul. I then kept following the signs and enrolled to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the largest nutrition school- based in New York, where I studied over 100 dietary theories, learned about coaching methods and discovered an holistic approach to life. Best decision in my life. It opened new doors, new perspectives and a passion to live a healthy lifestyle.

I’ve been in that place where your bed is covered with clothes because nothing fits you, not feeling good in your skin. Feeling stuck with where your life is heading, far from the life you’ve been dreaming about, waiting for things to change. Riding overwhelming waves, I learned to surf them anyway. Struggling with body image, confidence, acne and hormonal issues. I found that it all comes down to LOVE. A deep acceptance of who you are, embracing your unique traits that makes you so special. Yoga, mindfulness, nourishing food, acupuncture and other holistic health therapies brought me to a more peaceful, glowing, content me.  

I hate labels and stay away from fitting in the box. I eat a plant-based, whole food diet most of the time as I love my fruits and veggies, limiting dairy, meat, processed food and refined sugar. But I do enjoy my cheese, bread and wine occasionally. And I love my dark chocolate. It’s about finding balance and pleasure. It’s not always easy to know what to eat as the studies and researches are constantly evolving with new diets and trends. Through my studies and experience, I learned to listen to my body and see the type of food my body thrives on. I am passionate about functional and integrative medicine as I strongly believe your lifestyle can have a big positive or negative impact on your health and wellbeing depending which road you decide to take. 

I get high on life when spreading good healthy vibes around about the ways we can truly enjoy our lives and make the most of our time on this sweet planet.

2014 has been a year of Awesomeness! I took the big leap. I quit my jobenrolled to a 200H yoga teacher training with the amazing Alicia Cheung and Oliver Reinsch from YogaWorks, bought a plane ticket to the other side of the world and spent the most magical and transformative 5+ weeks of my life surrounded by beautiful souls, back to where it all started. Bali. I listened to my heart and changed my ticket, I travelled, wandered, explored, woke up everyday by the ocean, found myself and my tribe. I kept the adventure going as I hopped on a plane down under and got inspired to live the life I always dreamed of. 


What makes my heart sing…

The Ocean. I can spend hours watching waves. Nature. Tree hugging. The bliss of savasana after a beautiful and powerful yoga practice.


I crave freedom. I’m a free spirit.

A wild soul. A lioness at heart. I feel most alive when travelling the world, going on adventures, coaching clients, connecting with like-minded souls and time on my yoga mat. Belly laughs is my therapy. Dancing in the rain too.

Mountains. Snowboarding. Cozy by the fire. Winter Wonderland is my bliss.


Strolling at the farmer’s market, drinking a cup of chai at a bookstore’s cafe. Books make me happy. Sequoias too.

Music. Nothing like music to change your mood, reach your soul, make you smile and feel alive.

Avocado lover.

Finding magic in everyday moments.

Alone time- backpacking, going to concerts, long walks on the beach or jogging in the woods. I recharge my vibes while on my own. I get high on life while going on solo adventures.

I am a graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), the largest nutrition school in the world, a yoga instructor (RYT 200h). I have a B.A in International Relations.


One happy heart. One wild life.



Marisa Ribordy

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Cassiopée

    I had the great pleasure to attend the Sunday, 8th of November “wild heart meditation and yoga workshop”. Marisa was very inspired to lead the workshop and it was a truly inspiring one. The balance between yoga, meditation and writing exercises was great and we furthermore have been nourished with marvelous healthy snacks and season-beverage.
    Marisa is an astonishing yoga teacher whose explanations are crystal-clear. She also has a kind of intuitive wisdom to help students and show them very gently though precisely what should be modified. She is a woman who can be fully trusted and this is seldom enough to be mentioned.
    The whole workshop was full of intuitive wisdom and the material Marisa gave was something perfect to bring home.
    Waiting for the next opportunity to practice! Thank you Marisa.

  2. Emily Vickery

    The stars aligned and I got to see Marisa randomly in Lisbon a few days ago. She was my roomie for 4 weeks in Bali during our Yoga Teacher Training. Life has gotten so hectic for me after that during my recent few years in Taiwan, and I didn’t realize how much I needed a boost of inspiration and sparkle until I saw Marisa again and she provided just that!!!

    Marisa, I’ve been going through your website and feel so extremely renewed with inspiration. For that, I am so so grateful for you. Keep shining and inspiring. So much love and good vibes ❤️


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