Slow down & Nourish

A morning around honouring autumn through yoga and wellness rituals. After the hot and summer days, we slowly transition to the darker and colder days which can bring exhaustion, anxiety and restlessness. It’s a time for self-reflection, letting go and nourishment.

My intention with this morning is to bring you all the nourishing and healing rituals to feel grounded and vibrant throughout the season. Boosting your immune system and spirit. Connecting to the energy of autumn through yoga, breath work, meditation and wellness rituals you can implement throughout the season to feel centered, replenished and spacious. Come back to yourself as you bring your attention inwards and discover ways to create self-care rituals that will support you through the changing season.

A morning filled with:

♡ A heart warming vinyasa yoga practice with some restorative poses to feel good (for all levels)
♡ A guided meditation to slow down and tune in
♡ Wellness tools, self-care and rituals to embrace the season

Think cozy morning with like-minded souls, nourishing body and mind and chai lattes & homemade banana bread.

At Cabinet 22, Rue Saint-Léger 22, 1204 Geneva

Space limited.
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