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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver




Are you living the life you were meant to?

What if you could feel vibrant, free and alive?

High on life with good vibes? 




I believe that living a healthy life is key to achieve anything you want. You need energy and happy vibes to chase your dreams.


Wild. Happy. Heart mission is to support you to spread your wings and fly. To step outside your comfort zone, because this is where the magic happens. To reconnect with your body, your wild nature, your desires. To fall in love with your life.




You’ll learn ways to nourish yourself – body, mind and soul. You’ll uncover which food is good for your unique body. Creating a healthy relationship with food. Learning how to use it as a fuel to a vibrant and healthy life, bringing mindfulness from your eating habits to your daily activities. Food affects your energy, your wellbeing, your mood so it is a great opportunity to find out more. My approach to coaching is holistic, which encompasses not only the nutrition part, but also other areas of your life as everything is interconnected- your work, relationships, movement and joy. You could be eating all the greens in the world, if you feel miserable at work or in your relationship, it will affect your health and wellbeing. Delicious healthy food, moving, breathing fresh air, nature, doing work you love, connecting with beautiful souls and having the energy to live your best life are what makes life vibrant. I also bring yoga philosophy like kindness, compassion, contentment as a tool to guide you to a more fulfilling and radiant life.



Wake up your heart!


  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Learn to use food as medicine
  • Discover which food brings you vibrant health
  • Learn ways to bring more bliss & happy vibes to your daily life
  • Tips to start a meditation practice or a morning/ evening ritual
  • Bringing more love, pleasure & presence to your life
  • Visualize and get clear on your intentions & dreams
  • Clear your mind by making healthy choices
  • Tips to connect with your body
  • Nourish yourself with delicious & healthy recipes
  • Design the life you’ve been dreaming of
  • Get inspired with different tools, books, videos



If you want to ride that big wave, jump with a whole-heart into your journey. What I’d love to pass on, is that it comes back to connecting to yourself, learning to listen to your body and intuition to make healthier choices, and live your ideal life. It’s about embracing your uniqueness and tuning into your body to know what it needs to thrive and feel amazing.

It’s not about being perfect- perfection is overrated. It’s about embracing who you are and where you are- your fears, your emotions, your big dreams, your story. It’s not about restriction and food deprivation, it’s about adding the good stuff. I like to keep things simple and am all about taking little action steps every session. I believe that to transform your habits, you need to approach this process with love, patience and compassion.




Remember you got this!


One-on-One Coaching with me is for you if:


– You are willing to change and are ready to spread your wings and fly.

– You want to feel great in your skin.

– You are curious about ways to increase your energy, health and joy in your life.

– You want to shine from the inside out and radiate good healthy vibes.

– You are feeling overwhelmed, stuck and frustrated about where your life is at the moment.

– You want to feel free, alive and passionate.



*Wild-hearted Package*  

What I offer: 

– 2 coaching sessions every month – You will have 2 sessions of 60-minute every month where we’ll cover your specific issues related to nutrition, wellbeing and lifestyle. It is designed on your specific need.

– Accountability and unlimited email support – for the times you want to stop, when resistance is showing up, when you need a little boost of happy vibes coming your way, I’m around and just an email away!



If you got excited at the thought of making real lasting changes and falling in love with your life then take a deep breath in, step outside your comfort zone and book a free 30-minute discovery session with me to ask me any questions, hear about the ways we can work together and see if we’re a good fit! Send me an email at marisa (at) wildhappyheart (dot) com to schedule an appointment. Sessions in english or french. Skype sessions available too so you can be anywhere in the world.





“Thank you Marisa for the Wild-Hearted workshop. It was a morning of absolute bliss – from the heart-opening yoga to the meditation, the delicious bliss balls and turmeric tea and of course, the heart connecting exercises. I loved the atmosphere you created and all the little touches full of love and attention peppered throughout the workshop. You have a real gift for this! I came out of the workshop, feeling more connected to myself, feeling more free in my body and my heart and wanting to be ‘high on life for no reason’ as you say!”



“Marisa has this capacity to make you feel comfortable from the first seconds. Welcoming and attentive, she manages to create a friendly and cozy atmosphere. Her yoga classes are accessible to all, she makes sure to propose alternatives for beginners, which is very pleasant.

Curious and passionate, Marisa shares lots of tips to help us improve our everyday life and to be more aligned with our body and feelings. She gives great advices and always finds a way to encourage us. Marisa is a real ray of sunshine, her optimism is contagious. It is a pure bliss to participate in her classes !”




“I had the great pleasure to attend the Sunday, 8th of November “wild heart meditation and yoga workshop”. Marisa was very inspired to lead the workshop and it was a truly inspiring one. The balance between yoga, meditation and writing exercises was great and we furthermore have been nourished with marvelous healthy snacks and season-beverage.
Marisa is an astonishing yoga teacher whose explanations are crystal-clear. She also has a kind of intuitive wisdom to help students and show them very gently though precisely what should be modified. She is a woman who can be fully trusted and this is seldom enough to be mentioned.
The whole workshop was full of intuitive wisdom and the material Marisa gave was something perfect to bring home.
Waiting for the next opportunity to practice! Thank you Marisa.”



“Marisa’s shining positivity is contagious and highly motivational! I left my sessions with her, thinking, even feeling, that anything was possible. Thanks to her coaching, I found the energy to live a healthier and more serene life and to change the situations I was unhappy about. I especially appreciated her step by step approach, which allowed me to embrace new habits without feeling overwhelmed. There is this thing with holistic coaching like Marisa’s – when you begin improving one aspect of your life, you also start to take the others into account and everything starts to unfold. This also, could actually be overwhelming, but Marisa acts as a perfect guide, just like a guardian angel! On one hand, she addresses wonderfully anything that goes under her expertise and on the other hand, she doesn’t hesitate to orientate her clients to other specialists, if needed. At the end of our coaching sessions, I even sorted out more things that I initially targeted at the beginning of my coaching with her, as she gave me the courage and willingness to pursue other paths I wanted to take as well.

I would definitely recommend Marisa, as she’s so amazingly supportive, understanding, non-judgmental and super friendly. She is a real hope and strength giver!”



“Loved every second of the spring workshop with Marisa! The most important parts of my body felt awaken after the powerful yoga class. I learned so much from the spring detox talk afterwards and it beautifully complemented the yoga class. Marisa gives the most handy tips that I now try to apply on a daily basis. Thank you Marisa for sharing with us your skills and shiny tips!! I now feel fully ready to embrace the magic of spring!”



“Marisa is an incredible teacher. She has a soft voice that guides you through the yoga flow for the strengthening and relaxation of your body. She also gives nutrition tips, she is passionate about what she does and is always looking for organizing new yoga classes, proposing insightful workshops. She is very active and on top of her profession, what a luck to have such a teacher in Geneva! Thank you Marisa!”



“Quelle merveilleuse énergie que tu transmets! Faire ce qu’on aime et aimer ce qu’on fait, est une joie, un bonheur qu’on ressent très bien chez toi et à travers ton workshop!  Un riche moment d’éveil des 5 sens!”





One happy heart. One wild life.


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