Ground your feet to the earth, lift your arms up to the sky,

breathe in all the goodness of this day.





My yoga journey started while discovering Bali in 2011. I fell in love when laying in Savasana at the end of my first yoga class in the midst of rice fields. It was bliss. Yoga changed my life and opened a new path for me; one of authenticity, acceptance, connection, love & bliss. It guided me to a life full of  joy and freedom while embracing a healthy lifestyle. Like a snowball, it lead me to wellness and nutrition. The realization that we only get one life, and that this life is precious and I wanted to be in love with it, every minute of it. I discovered a new way of living. I transformed from within. Nourishing my soul as I connected to my heart.




Yoga is a great way to connect to yourself and your body. It brings a sense of wholeness and contentment to your life. There’s so much more than the asanas (physical practice). It’s a lifestyle. It becomes your compass through life. Meditation, the art of breathing, learning to be present in the moment, the yamas and nyamas- the guidelines for living an authentic life. It brings a new sense of awareness, you start to find beauty everywhere. Connecting to nature, to beautiful souls, to your heart. You will soon apply what you learn on the mat to your daily life. Finding balance amongst the storm, spaciousness when you feel constricted, ease in the uncomfortable, opening your heart to what life has to offer, finding your inner sunshine. Practicing Kindness – Love – Gratitude – Compassion – Honesty. Yoga is a true richness and gift that we can bring to our lives.




“The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul

create the symphony of life.”

B.K.S Iyengar




If you’ve felt drawn to yoga or curious to try but don’t feel like stepping into a yoga studio, I offer private classes in the comfort of your home.

I also teach group classes at the work place or group privates. If you have any colleagues or friends interested, contact me to schedule a class!

I love spreading good vibes and am passionate about guiding people to create a vibrant life and exploring the many ways to practice yoga on and off the mat.


One happy heart. One wild life.



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